Our history

The Exakta Group’s history begins in 1976 in Hässleholm, Sweden. For a number of years, our main business was in the production of school yearbooks, and other related printed materials.

During the first financial crisis, we began to recognize the need to look for new ways forward, which eventually led to Håkan Larsson being taken on as our new CEO, in 1998. And since then, Exakta has been growing continuously, both organically and via acquisitions.

Part of the strategy was to observe how other companies were managing, and to begin growing. Contrary to common practice in the industry at the time, Exakta chose to merge with Malmötryckeriet Printing, to create a new, stronger company, which was called Exakta Printing.

This merger took place in 2009, and in the subsequent years, new companies were both acquired and formed within the group. In 2014, it was time for another big step when Patrick Andersson, owner of the well-known Tryckfolket AB, joined the Exakta Group as a partner. The result was a new well-consolidated constellation was formed, under the name of Exakta Group AB.

Exakta has since taken further steps into the future, as we continue to adapt to our customers’ current and future needs. We are a constantly learning organization, and naturally make good use of the skills and experience of our new colleagues with each acquisition we make.

Exakta today

Exakta Group AB is one of the leading graphic companies in Sweden, and serves large private and public clients. Exakta’s concept is based on the commitment of a small company with the resources of a large one. Ensuring shorter decision-making paths in an owner-led group creates a more actionable organization – one in which change is a natural condition for continued success.

With headquarters in Malmö and operations spread out in Hässleholm, Borås, Lidköping and Karlstad, we can meet many of our customers locally, where we can build close relationships. Exakta is a privately-owned company, but our owners are also directly involved in operations. The business is characterized by entrepreneurship, where we prefer to see opportunities rather than obstacles.
Through a flat (level) organization, with employees who are allowed to make their own decisions, we’ve created a ‘good community’ and a collective sense that we’re the best at dealing with change. We’re proud of our paper-printing heritage, but we’re equally focused on developing further to meet all of our customers’ future needs.

The Exakta Group consists of a number of subsidiaries, in different (but adjacent) cutting-edge areas. Our business concept is to offer services and production for effective communication. The resulting effect should make our customers’ everyday life easier. With competence, commitment and a long-term perspective, Exakta will always focus on customers, quality and the right offer. This is part of our pursuit of perfection.

Our strategy is to develop our sales channels, and continuously broaden and refine our offer. We’ll do this through both acquisitions and organic growth. In order to continue our development and to be a considered good partner to our customers, we attach great importance to being a healthy and stable company. We’re always curious about what exciting business opportunities the future can offer us.

A partnership with Exakta is a partnership with a financially stable player with broad knowledge and expertise. We operate through several effective channels so that we can meet our customers wherever they may be. Personal meetings, in tenders or online, we’re right where you are, ready to help you communicate with your customers, employees and whichever special interest groups you may have.

Our stated intention is to become a leading player in above all the domestic market. Our success is partly based on being a company on the move, where success lies in a timely offer; partly on understanding and making use of acquired competence; and on learning openly and humbly from each other. Together we continue to build an already enormous bank of knowledge and experience.

Here are our locations in Sweden
Brännögatan 5
211 24 Malmö
Switchboard (not Hässleholm): +46 40-671 77 70

Elementgatan 14
504 64 Borås

Bromsgatan 4A
653 41 Karlstad

Gasverksgatan 1
531 60 Lidköping

Bäckhagsvägen 11
281 33 Hässleholm
Switchboard: +46 451-38 49 50