Competence development – Exakta Academy

Our employees are the most important thing we have at Exakta! By working with competence development, we want to secure and develop our employees’ ability to solve any and all tasks they may face. As an employee with us, there are excellent opportunities to grow, and gain greater responsibility, if the will and talent are there.

Exakta Academy is Exakta’s own platform for developing employees. With this, we hope to be seen as an attractive workplace, both internally and to those on the outside.

The structure of the Academy starts with operational goals, picking up signals through employee interviews, then cooperation with universities, colleges and other relevant educational facilities. Our goals are to create forums to be that can embrace change, to be competitive as a company and employer, and to build loyalty among our employees.

There are various career opportunities, and they can be attained through an internship, as an extra employee for a different area, or by changing roles or departments within the business.

Leadership program

From 2023, Exakta Academy will start a leadership development program aimed at managers who are responsible for one or more employees. The program will train 16 participants each year.

Through this training, the participants will get to know themselves as leaders, gain insight into how to lead a group and get everyone to work in the same direction, as well as the opportunity to build a network within the group, where you can get help and advice on your leadership journey. The aim of the training is for you to feel secure in your role as a leader. Training takes place through both physical and digital meetings.