Exakta Awards

The Exakta Awards ceremony is our way of highlighting employees who deserve a little extra praise. It’s for employees who dared to think outside the box, who came up with a solution that benefits us in the long term, and employees who inspire and spread good vibes, or helped others find solutions that are valuable to Exakta.

All employees are given the opportunity to submit nominations for their colleagues. Nominations are linked to our core values, where our values (Responsibility, Courage, Passion, Long-termism and ‘Exakta’ (Exactness, or precision) set the tone. The winners are presented with their awards at the annual Christmas party at the end of the year.

Winners of the Exakta Awards, 2022

Sofie von Sydow, Morgan Thiberg, Johnny Johansson, Johanna Ohlsson, Per-Olof Rydzén