Introducing the companies in the group

Within the Exakta Group, we have operating companies where all companies operate in different, but adjacent, cutting-edge areas.

Exakta Print

Your comprehensive supplier for all forms of print. We’ve got everything under one roof, and offer printing with several different techniques, and on a large variety of different materials. Our goal is to produce as cost-effectively as possible, and ensure the best quality – with a strong focus on sustainability. Our ancillary services such as assembly, promotional packaging and distribution, make it easy and convenient for you to be a customer with us. Read more here (Swedish).

Exakta Creative

We are an advertising and production agency that understands the fact that how you position your brand, in this competitive world, can be critical to your success. Regardless of whether you need solid strategic work or you want help with communication, design and production, digital and/or analogue, the competence is all right here.

Exakta Store

Our range of profile products is huge, and is most easily explained by describing it as “all products you can label with a logo”. In addition to profile products, we offer corporate gifts, via digital and postal seasonal catalogues (e.g. Easter, Midsummer and Christmas). We always strive to deliver our products and services professionally, to meet or surpass our customers’ expectations. This means that we place very high demands on our suppliers’ ability, competence and capacity.

Exakta Brandhouse

We are the Nordic B2B Partner to the world-renowned brand RITUALS. Through its range of products, it’s a brand that wants to help create well-being, harmony and balance in everyday life – which is something with which more and more companies want to be associated. Ritual’s wonderful products are created for both body and home, and are the perfect gift for employees and customers. With Rituals, you give more than just a gift; you give the experience of finding joy in the little things. We believe that this is how you create truly meaningful moments.

Exakta Software

The first choice for the web development of e-commerce, payroll, and corporate websites. We provide safe, secure service solutions with extensive support agreements.

Exakta Photo

We are a school photo company that creates memories with commitment and professional pride. We’re active in both Sweden and Norway. Each year, we photograph about 1.3 million schoolchildren. With humility, curiosity and a focus on quality, we’re striving to consolidate our position as the Nordic region’s largest supplier of school photos.