Our core values

Exakta’s core values aim to create a strong “Exakta feeling”.

Core values are something that we have in common, that we’re proud of, and that we all stand behind. The value base can be seen as Exakta’s inner compass. It gives us guidance on how to assess our actions and decisions. Our core value is a support that we always have with us, and that gives us a feeling of security in our everyday work. There are five key words that, when taken together, form the basis for all of our actions:


We take responsibility for our own goals, and help others achieve theirs.


We dare to think of new ideas, and use our initiative to make decisions.


We put long-term success before short-term gains.


We actually feel like going to work, and we’re passionate about what we do.


We focus on details and have order and organization, which creates a good environment for our success.