This is how we work

As of January 2017, there is an Environment and Quality Manager in the parent company to facilitate the implementation of a common policy throughout the entire group. The goal is for all Exakta companies to have a third-party-certified quality and environmental management system.

Quality and the environment are inseparable, and by maintaining high production quality we reduce our impact. It’s obviously good for the environment if we can avoid the need for reprinting and additional shipping. Within Exakta Print, our largest producing company, we work in partnership towards common environmental goals, thus increasing our chances of achieving them together.

Exakta is certified in accordance with ISO14001, holds the Nordic Swan license for cleaner production, and uses the FSC® label on printed materials to ensure sustainable forest management. Our company is connected to the FTI register, and takes full producer responsibility. It’s also possible to compensate for the co² emissions caused by the printing process. The electricity we consume comes from E.ON, and is marked by Svenska Kraftnät.

CSR, or social responsibility, is an important part of how Exakta views people and employees. It’s in our best interest to work for diversity, and make use of our employees’ different experiences, characteristics, and collective knowledge. Within the group, we welcome diversity in all areas, be it ethnic, age, or those with disabilities. In our opinion (and experience), diversity is simply good business. Clear guidelines for Exakta’s responsibilities are described in our CSR documents: Equality and Work Environment Policy, and Policy against Harassment and Offensive Discrimination. For more information about this, feel free to email Kim Borglin.

Download Exacta Print’s Self-Declaration here (in Swedish)

Climate compensation – GOLD STANDARD

A global non-profit foundation, the Gold Standard was started up by several organizations, including Greenpeace and WWF. It was created as a quality seal for climate compensation projects, with a focus on strict rules of conduct and requirements for sustainable development for climate compensation. It’s currently the only certification standard approved and trusted by more than 80 international environmental organizations. With the help of the Gold Standard, we can ensure that our chosen project delivers verified climate benefits and also meets at least three of the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

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